Loyal to yourself

In every corner of the world, there are individuals who display extraordinary courage to protect and assist others. They are the military personnel who valiantly fight for the freedom of others, the firefighters who fearlessly rush into burning buildings to save lives, and the police officers who charge towards danger when everyone else retreats.

These remarkable individuals operate in demanding situations and endure challenging environments. Often, they adapt their behavior and even their very identities to fit those circumstances. But what if you’re not the stereotypical tough guy? What if you’re a sensitive soul who fights fires not to prove your strength, but solely to make a difference in people’s lives? And what if, at times, you’re not the fearless police officer, but rather a person plagued by fear and sleepless nights?

Michiel van der Pols, once a hardened Marine (and in many ways, he still is), knows this struggle intimately. He served in the special forces and led a company in Iraq. In those days, he became more like a marine than himself—a different persona altogether. But in life, we cannot be someone else, even for a fleeting moment…

Michiel embarked on a transformative journey, the most challenging one of all: the journey to his heart and his true self. Along the way, he discovered that it is possible to be authentically you while helping others. It is possible to fight for freedom even when anxiety courses through your veins, and it is essential to open up about it.

As a coach, Michiel guides soldiers, police officers, ambulance personnel, bodyguards, and special forces in remaining true to themselves while carrying out their extraordinary duties. Together with seven others (veterans and police) he has penned a remarkable book called “Ik zweer trouw” (I Pledge Loyalty), available for purchase here. Although written in Dutch, its universal message resonates across borders, and perhaps, with enough interest from around the world, it could be translated. It is a worthwhile read for those unsung heroes who tirelessly serve.

Michiel possesses a rare gift—an intuitive sensitivity that allows him to identify the origins of your obstacles and guide you towards their resolution. Most importantly, he understands where you’re coming from because he has been there himself. It takes one to truly understand another.

So, if you’re seeking inspiration and guidance, if you long to reconcile your inner self with your extraordinary calling, I urge you to delve into the pages of Michiel’s book. Let his words empower you to embrace your true essence while serving others. Together, let us embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and unwavering loyalty.

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