Stop visualizing!

Have you ever wondered about the fastest way to achieve your life goals? We’ve all heard or read about it: visualization. Whether it’s in your mind or through a vision or mood board, the power of visualization is often emphasized. But does it really work? Let’s find out!

The scientific answer may surprise you—it’s a resounding “no,” with a hint of “yes.” Allow me to explain. Undoubtedly, it’s essential to determine what you want to accomplish in life. As you’ll discover on this website, being specific about your goals is also crucial. So, taking the time to identify your wishes and aspirations is a wonderful thing! Moreover, translating your goals into a mood board or vision board helps solidify vivid mental images of what it means to achieve them. All of this sounds great so far, right?

Now, here’s where things take a surprising turn. Many of us have been taught to visualize our goals as if we’ve already achieved them. Picture yourself in your dream house, cruising in your new car, or sharing a kiss with the partner of your dreams. However, scientific research suggests that this approach is actually counterproductive! In fact, it hinders your progress towards your goals. So, it’s time to stop doing that!

While your mind can distinguish between reality and visualization, studies show that your brain still experiences a sense of comfort when you visualize yourself having already attained your goal. Your mind gets tricked, ever so slightly, into believing that you’ve already made it! And what does your brain do in response? It starts to shift focus onto other things, causing your motivation to plummet. As a result, you feel less compelled to work towards your goals.

So, what’s the more effective way to reach your goals? Begin by creating your vision or mood board and writing down your goals, as you may have read on this website. Writing them down truly makes a difference! Then, it’s time to visualize, but in the right way. Instead of fixating on already having achieved your goal, concentrate on the gap between your current state and the desired outcome. Let’s consider a simple example: earning $1,000 per day. Rather than picturing yourself already enjoying that income, focus on the actions you need to take to reach that goal. Visualize yourself diligently working, waking up early in the morning to put in the effort or staying up late to update your website. Picture yourself selling products at a market. Most importantly, focus on and visualize goals that can be accomplished within days or weeks. See yourself working towards making $250, then $500, and then $750. These small steps will lead you closer to your ultimate goal.

Remember, don’t trick your mind into thinking you’re already there. Ignite your motivation. Remind your mind, soul, and body that there is work to be done.

And last but not least, bid farewell to “The Secret.” Merely creating a vision board, glancing at it twice a day, and hoping for success won’t help you reach your life goals. It’s time to take action and put in the necessary work.

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