No free money

Have you ever come across those YouTube videos or web pages claiming that making a passive income is as easy as creating a website, opening an Etsy shop, or becoming an Instagram influencer? They promise you can earn thousands of dollars without breaking a sweat, and often offer online courses for just a couple of hundred bucks that will reveal their secrets.

But let’s face it, creating a side income or passive income stream is not easy or free. It’s possible, but it requires effort and dedication. While the internet provides us with numerous tools to create content and set up a shop, we still need to build an audience, find customers, and constantly come up with new ideas.

What I believe is that everything you put energy into will grow and multiply. The harder you work, the more likely you are to achieve a positive outcome. So, by all means, start your online business and use those wonderful tools, but don’t expect to see instant success. You need to work hard, push your limits, and grow your audience. Start small, think big, and be persistent.

If you did find a way to make easy money, please share your secret with us! We’d love to know! ­čÖé

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