Imagine this: You receive an irresistible offer from a recruiter, and on Monday morning, you step into your new job. As you enter the bustling building, you see everyone hard at work, making phone calls, attending meetings.

The HR manager escorts you to your desk, provides you with a username and password for the laptop, and swiftly leaves. Then it hits you—what does this company actually do? What do they sell? What is their purpose?

You begin asking around, seeking answers. “What do we do here? What is our product or service?” Oddly enough, no one seems to know. They respond with puzzled looks, shrugging their shoulders. “We’re not sure either, but it seems we’re supposed to just go along with it like everyone else!” Weeks pass, and you attend meetings, handle calls, and even start working late. The office appreciates your efforts, your colleagues become friends, and your salary increases. Everything seems fine…

Or is it?

Life can be similar. We enter this world without a clear understanding of its purpose. In our early years, we learn that it’s easier and more enjoyable to follow the crowd, mimicking what others do. We avoid too many questions and simply go with the flow. People become friends, and we conform to the system, its rules, and procedures. And everything seems fine…

But would you truly be happy working for a company without knowing its purpose? Would it be fulfilling or rewarding? How would you gauge your performance? Similarly, how fulfilling is life without understanding why we exist and what our purpose is?

Now, I can’t claim to have the definitive answer to the purpose of life. I’m neither an expert nor a divine being. However, I can share my thoughts on the matter and why I believe we are here on this tiny planet called Earth.

And I will share my purpose because I think it’s vital not only to discover our individual purposes but also to contemplate the purpose of life itself. It’s almost as if one cannot exist without the other. Understanding the reason behind our presence on Earth aids in finding our own purpose, which, in turn, helps us set goals and make the most of our lives.

So, I wonder, what do you think is the purpose of life?

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