You know this movie 300? Where 300 stunning looking well trained guys fight the Persians. A lot of men would like to have the body the actors have.

And maybe there are a lot of women wanting their man to have a body like that? The truth is that working an body like that it requires a lot of training, effort, discipline and a really really good diet. But the training the Spartans used is actually a very effective form of workout that produces really good results.

So maybe you should not go for a killer body, but a well trained body? Try the Spartan workout. It takes me three times a week and 15 minutes per training to produce the first results.

So there no more excuses lacking time. No more excuses of not having a gym around because you can workout at home. And no more excuses because you don’t have any dumbells because you really don’t need them.

And ladies: Creating a well trained body is as possible for you as for a man. So go out and train!

Spartan workout

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